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In every area of your life, you can make a difference. It is not how much you know that is critical, it is about discovering the value of intimacy with Jesus and learning to do what Jesus does. It is about partnering with the Holy Spirit to change world systems so they operate by Kingdom principles. If you want to see the atmosphere changed in your spheres of influence, then come join DTI as we release revival and transformation to the nations. Classroom time includes learning how Dunamis operates as a new ministry model plus hours of activation on “Catching the Initiatives of Heaven”, “Practicing the Prophetic” and meeting with many of the Dunamis Leaders to see how we work together. Hotels Within Walking Distance: Hampton Inn: 702-360-5700 La Quinta Inn: 702-360-1200


Training takes place at various times throughout the year. Please use the email link below to inquire about the next session.

Courses and Activation!

Soaking in the Spirit
Nine Deadly Embraces
Core Values
Doing the Works of Jesus
Introduction to Spiritual Senses
10 Ways God Speaks
Spiritual Flow Dynamics
Open Heavens
Three Heavens
The Garden

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